Monday, 11 June 2012

Jubilee Loveliness

Last monday, the rain decided to stop for a day and allow us to celebrate the jubilee relatively rain free!
Everyone on our street and our friends and family grazed on food most of the day, drank pimms and watched the children play, as well as gossip of course.

A little deflated about the day though, it was a very 'them and us' party, some neighbours on one side and another on another, and despite a little effort from me by going to talk to some of the ladies on the 'other' side, it didn't really help. By about 7/8pm we decided to transfer away from the ongoing party and carry on in my garden, with my friends. Bit of a shame really!

Hope you all managed to celebrate in a dry fashion! xxx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

What a difference a day makes, really. After a beautiful couple of weeks, with the sun blazing, spending evenings pottering in the garden, kids having water fights, and now...this. Today it hasn't stopped raining, and it's almost as if somebody is chucking buckets of rain at us. Anyhoo, this weekend is jubilee weekend, marking the 60 year reign of Elizabeth. Our street party is tomorrow *does a sun dance* the bunting is up and ready, cakes baked. Just the potato salad, Etonian mess and jelly to make in the morning. Stuff the rain, we're British. I'll be out their in Kagool & wellies if necessary! Have a wonderful long weekend, whatever the weather xxx