Friday, 16 March 2012

Had a little wonder around my local town today to get rid of my trapped feeling after spending so long indoors the past couple of days. 

Got myself a few bits including a 50's table tennis set in the cutest box! 49 pence!

Also, I got myself The Dame Vera Lynn biography. Now she might not be everyone's taste, but as a child, myself and my dad would watch war documentaries and films and I was taken by the whole 40's period from a very young age. Dame Vera Lynn was the forces sweetheart, I have two CDs of her songs I love to listen when in the right mood.

A huge contrast however is the next book I got - The lost life of Eva Braun. It looks fascinating. The mistress and wife of Hitler. 23 years his junior. What sort of woman loved Hitler? I shall find out! The last one is a readers digest book - road to recovery - 1950's. A bit to keep me occupied for a week or so!

Happy thrifting this weekend folks! Xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

I've been pretty tired and poorly the past couple of days. Not much done at all. Feeling very irritable so I'm off to bed with some new fabrics, my crafty books and mags and my kits and see what I come up with. Some may call it therapy. Night all xxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

More swag!

We got up bright and early to sell at our local car boot sale on sunday morning, only to peep through the curtains and discover it was piddling down, very depressing. We looked at each other and shook our heads  - Shall we just go and buy instead now we're up? Yep. That was the plan. Not really hoping for much in the damp weather we headed on down the bleak and grey, wet roads to find it all surprisingly busy. All stalls were inside the cattle barns and so we at least were dry and slightly warmer - but what a difference - no torches this time - it was light!  Is spring really coming? It's been a long time coming that's for sure!

Anyhoo...some pics of my swag...

Selection of vintage Noddy items!

Hornsea Saffron Dish

Couple of vintage games/activities

A lovely pinny - is it 70's or earlier..?

3 cushion covers

Some 1970's fabric?

Lovely solid glass jug, need a good wash and shine up

Couple of vintage maps, which I got for backs of future furniture!

Six piece crownford coffee set

6 vintage books - 10 pence each, all tatty, but great for upcycling - was so pleased about this!

Not vintage, but loved this cushion, this one is staying put!

Very cute little toy bunkbed complete with mattresses and sheets!

Lovely shade of blue solid glass dish - love this!

Tupperware bowl, love this shade of green.

Again, non vintage, but loved this paperchase laptop bag.

Phew, so that was it - I LOVE Sundays, best day of the week - roll on next week :)

To finish off a great day, we had a tea party for Lewis who is 13 today in fact! 

Here he is making a wish before blowing out his candles, although looks more like praying to me. Wonder what he was desperately praying for?