Friday, 16 March 2012

Had a little wonder around my local town today to get rid of my trapped feeling after spending so long indoors the past couple of days. 

Got myself a few bits including a 50's table tennis set in the cutest box! 49 pence!

Also, I got myself The Dame Vera Lynn biography. Now she might not be everyone's taste, but as a child, myself and my dad would watch war documentaries and films and I was taken by the whole 40's period from a very young age. Dame Vera Lynn was the forces sweetheart, I have two CDs of her songs I love to listen when in the right mood.

A huge contrast however is the next book I got - The lost life of Eva Braun. It looks fascinating. The mistress and wife of Hitler. 23 years his junior. What sort of woman loved Hitler? I shall find out! The last one is a readers digest book - road to recovery - 1950's. A bit to keep me occupied for a week or so!

Happy thrifting this weekend folks! Xx

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