Wednesday, 9 November 2011

That time of the week again

Saturday's fair at Cricklade was so much fun, and being my very first ever event, was a real eye opener, encouraging me to book more!

Alas, may be a little too late for a lot of these Christmas fully booked fairs

So many fabulous stalls, with gorgeous displays and so many knick knacks and treasures to buy! Here's to the next one!

It would have been nice for a pleasant lay in after Saturdays early alarm call, but alas, a boot sale bargain hunter lays in for no-one, off I went at 7am the following morning and came back armed with a gorgeous yellow 60's suitcase, a 1930's gramophone, 1960's record player, a pile of 50's teen books, some retro forks, a couple of 50's games and oh I could have come back with so much more! Today's task is my normal weekly jaunt to the auctions. My tell tale stomach ache is here, I get so tense and anxious the morning before a sale, oh the stress of wanting something so bad and not knowing whether I will get it!

Wish me luck!

Ladybird lovelies

Art deco figurine - now sold :(

Glorious Cups were at the fair, yum!

The stall!

My helper ;)

Erk! Me besides 'Uncle George's' vintage car!


  1. Hi there, thank you for your blog comment! Glad you enjoyed the fair in Frome. At the moment April is fully booked. I do have a waiting list in case of cancellations. So please do email me (email is on the blog) with your details. Lizzie

  2. Hi, just felt the need to introduce myself as we appear to be quite similar.....particularly husbands complaining about clutter.
    Your stall looks great and I would have lved to have a nosey through all those Ladybird books.
    Make sure you show us the up cycled suitcase in it's finished state. I have just acquired 4 and I need ideas.
    Emma. X