Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Good to be British

Yesterday the primary and secondary school's finished earlier to allow parents to take their children to see the Olympic Torch pass by.

I took the 9 year old to the morning event in the village next door to ours. The sun was shining brightly and the villagers were out in force, including the local preschools, young adults with their cold beers and barbeques sizzling in their front gardens, pensioners shading beneath trees and parasols, flags flying, a wave of excitement and cheer in the crowds. Everyone was smiling. The local policemen were tooting their horns and encouraging our cheers and the local bobby was mingling with the public. 

I feel like ringing old Mr Cameron and directing him to do an annual 'Proud to be British' day every year!

Compared to the days of yesteryear, where everyone pulled in together, helped each other, jollied easch other along. Was part of the community. Now it's hard for people to even look their neighbours in the face in some areas. What gives? 

Yet we were all out together yesterday, and we all enjoyed that feeling of community and being nice to one another, and being ultimately proud of who we are and where we come from.

When we came home, the boys were in a water fight mood so out came the old scissors to make holes in the lids of bottles and off they went in a mischievous mood!

Today, the sun is shining once more, and I've been making the most of my time in the garden. 

As I shall miss week....when it will most probably be raining. Or snowing. Or suchlike. Hmph.

Enjoy the sunshine people. Put down your laptops and phones and go out and gaze your eyes on the blue skies :)

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