Monday, 21 May 2012

A good weekend...

What a wonderful weekend that has passed. I managed to spend the day in the garden on Saturday weeding and fixing up my vegetable plot, everything is thriving really well. Though had to resort to the non-organic way of stopping slugs eat my mange-touts! I cleaned the decking, potted some geranium and sorted the shed. Nothing like a potter in the garden to make my heart sing. Simple pleasures and all that.

Sunday I got up very early and went on my lonesome to three of the local booty's. I got a good swag bag of bargains. I'll try and put some photos up on here, seeing as I'm sorting vintage and photographing in the garden today (making the most of the delicious sun and blue skies out there!) 

I got some nice vintage haberdashery items, including some 1940's girls dress patterns, 1940/50's Woman's weekly and various ephemera, buttons, threads, fabric etc as well as other bits and pieces.

I had my friends over on sunday evening for a lazy takeaway evening. Despite it being a school night. And it was yum and I felt over bloated in the morning, a perfect way to start your monday, not! So I've started back out running again. I need something to balance out the good living! Hoping for motivation and willpower. Wish me luck!

Until my next update xxxx


  1. Sounds just perfect! Look forward to seeing your treasure trove of vintage goodies.
    Good luck with your running. I need to start again but always seem to find some excuse not to! M x

  2. Hello, I found you through Fading grace's lovely blog...I have soo enjoyed my stay here...I also hug trees and some times talk to them!! hahaxx Happy Monday! Have added my self to your followers...Maria x

  3. Thank you for your blog visit..hope we do meet sometime soon! Lizzie x