Thursday, 23 February 2012

Beautiful Elizabeth

The last few days, when I haven't been sanding and paints units, I have been standing in my garage furiously tagging and packing my goodies for Sunday's flea market at the bath and west show ground, near shepton. 

Amongst all the clutter, I came across some old illustrated magazines and ephemera that I'd forgotten about, including books and papers on the coronation of George and of his wife, the Queen Consort,  Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon , who I had only really known and thought of, as the queen mother. God rest her soul.

It's not like I hadn't seen pictures of her as a young lady before, I had. It's just that I never took the time to really look and appreciate them, and today I took a break from the madness and I did just that.

What an elegant and beautifully dressed woman she was and what a handsome couple.

What do you all think?


Love her outfit here, is that a long dress or could it even be a trouser suit...?

Love how even in all her regalia and on an official engagement, she has her handbag!

How I remember her.
I like to remind our kids that those people you view as 'wrinkly old people' were once youthful, vivacious, beautiful/handsome youngsters such as themselves and they probably have a story or ten to tell you! As I'm sure Elizabeth would have many more in the royal household!

This isn't Elizabeth, but this was on the back of one of the Illustrated magazines and thought it so cute!

I'm wondering whether to sell the magazines as is, or to remove the adverts such as this one and frame them? Seems such a sin to do so, but they really are so lovely and wasted!


  1. I always thought the Queen Mum was Beautiful, even as a little girl. we had a trunk full of old royal books that where my Grandads, and I remember loving looking at them. I have a beautiful picture of the queen Mum taken when she was most probably in her teens, she was very beautiful...weird but I was thinking of putting it in a post as its so lovely...I'll see you Sunday x

  2. My daughter loves anything to do with royalty, shes 19, and collects books and mugs, anything really, she found some old books on the market for a snip, as nobody wanted them, what a shame. Julie xxx

  3. These are lovely pictures. I always want to take vintage ads out of old books/mags but i always feel wrong taking them apart :o) Scarlett x