Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday swag!

In Sunday I braved the bitter cold, popped on my hat, gloves, grabbed my swag bag and drove the desolate, dark roads to my local boot sale.

Swoon! In the torchlight I found some coronation jigsaws from the 1950's and some vintage 70's toys and more Tupperware ( just need the VW camper van to match now..) after getting back and cleaning up my wares I then decided it wasn't enough and drove down the motorway to a boot sale in Swindon. There, joy of all joys! A man was shouting at the top of his voice "everything in the boxes 10 pence each or fill a box for a pound" well if only you could have seen me, in I dived at high speed, no shame whatsoever! I came out with glassware, vintage scales, tins etc! The last stall I found some early 1970 Twinkle books. They have brought back some lovely memories.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning up my Sunday swag in front of the fire. Meg the cat is fond of my Sunday swag, without fail, she comes to sniff everything I bring in and watches me with interest when I'm cleaning my new treasures.

Today was spent in my garage sorting and labelling stock and boxes. I rediscovered a box of linens of which included a white whole cloth blanket I'd forgotten about, it's now on my bed looking lovely, why didn't I use it before!?

Oh and before I forget - I got myself a couple of great books on Saturday, following a lead from a fellow blogger - I found in Poundland a copy of Good Housekeeping's 'A War Brides Guide to the USA' Over 100'000 women married american soldiers during  WW2 and they were all shipped over after the war by the american government, can you imagine it? Good Housekeeping did a special for these brides, a guide in how to settle in, make friends, even the difference in language/slang. I was thrilled to find this still in the shop, guess how much ;)

I'm now off to bed with a cuppa and a copy of 'making' magazine - love the suitcase organiser and dear Santa, please please can you bring me this lovely old sewing machine 10 months early?
Meg watching me with interest....

Pretty please Santa :)
I love this!
Today's read...
Gorgeous coronation jigsaws I found, hooray!
Found in Poundland!
Some of my swag!


  1. I wish I could read that war brides guide. I just presented a chapter of my 1950s ettiquette guide - I love such books :)

  2. You have got some wonderful finds well worth the dark roads, great cat. Julie xxx

  3. Great finds! Thank you for your blog comment, if you could email me direct I will add you to the waiting list for Frome. Lizzie

    1. Thanks Lizzie, what is your email address? x